Saturday, March 26, 2011

tutup lampu sejam je kot!

earth hour? it's turning off the lights, NOT cut off the electricity. get it right people.

geram pulak bila ada orang kata
" der, kalau nak celebrate earth hour, dah jadi macam black out la. panas der!"

pergh. cakap nak kencang. der, earth hour cuma minta tutup LAMPU sejam je. nak bukak kipas ke, laptop ke, bukak je la. yang ko nak kecoh-kecoh apesal?

saya copy paste dari official website Earth Hour:

3. What does Earth Hour ask people to do?

Taking the first step is as easy as turning off your lights. By switching off your lights for Earth Hour you are acknowledging and celebrating your commitment to do something more for the planet that goes beyond the hour.

4. Does this mean during Earth Hour I have to turn off everything in my home and use absolutely no electricity?

No. The main point of Earth Hour is to show the world that a solution to the world’s environmental challenges is possible if we work on them together – together our actions add up!

Earth Hour only asks that you turn off non-essential lighting. This does not mean you have to turn off your refrigerator, but we do encourage you to be part of this global action by switching off your lights, as well as making a commitment to go beyond the hour with a long-term behavioural change.

curik dari sini

kalau KLCC boleh support, takkan kita tak boleh?

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