Saturday, January 28, 2012

blood personality test

found this picture kat fb. Pui Yan yang post. saja je nak usha. haha. tahniah kepada pakar psychology yang buat research ni. 90% betul! *clapss*


untuk paparan lebih besar, click gambar eh.

so, sebab saya darah A, so here's my personality:

 In a nutshell: 
> pessimistic and too sensitive 
*i give it 10 stars for the sensitive part. sensitive is girls best friends. durhh*

Basic behaviour:
> careful about decision making
*sebab tu saya memang sangat sangat tak pandai pilih dalam buat keputusan*
> make things clear in black and white
*yup. i'm very fussy*
> care too much about social rules and standards

> high tolerance for physical or repetitive work
> cannot take changes easily
* of course. we need time to adapt*
> lose interest in a hobby easily
* super TRUE! and this also can be applied to other things such as ambition and dream guy*

How do they see their future and past:
> try hard to forget the past
* uuuuuhhh yeahhhh. it tough mann*
> pessimistic about the future 
*i think i prefer the term 'prepare for the worst'*

How do they express their emotions:
> able to express cool outlook even when they angry
*mmm..not really. trust me, u dun wanna see me angry*
> short- tempered
> take longer time to heal a broken heart
* sobsssssss :'( *
> sensitive to other's opinions

How do thet work:
> perfectionist
* perfectionist is not really a good thing, u know . it makes u stress!*
> handle one thing at a time
* gahahaaha..ade orang pernah cakap saya ni bukan multi tasking. yeah, u're right ;) *
> work a line between work and personal affairs
> highly responsible
> tend to choose hobbies which helps them release stress
* i guess this explain why i can't stick to a specific hobby *

ps: tayah percaya sangat. sekadar suka-suka saje :)

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