Thursday, July 23, 2015

Impact of arrogant and ego of anti vaxx


I may not be a doctor, but i am a mother, i have children, i have nieces and nephews. They are still babies and toddler age. They are the among the categories of people with higher risk of getting these contagious infection.


Vaccinate your baby. Please. I beg. I know some of us might say "we have to respect their stand not to vaccinate their children". Ohh come on! Let me give u a normal situation.

Let's say you are a pregnant lady. And you are standing beside a smoker (and he is smoking at the particular time). You just keep on smiling while 'vacuum' all the smokes into your body and lungs because you think that is HIS rights to smoke in public beside a preggy lady.  Seriously? Like that? 

You know that smoking is bad. You know that the smokes will affect you as well as you are the secondhand smoker (which even dangerous than the firsthand smoker himself), you know that it might affect your baby! And you're saying it's okay just because of human rights??!


Vaccinate your children. It's never too late.

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