Monday, September 28, 2015

Of The Baju Baby and me.

Hola! Ingat lagi tak dengan blog dulu? After quite sometime kami (adik-beradik yg buat bisnes jual baju kanak2) busy, so, we shut it off for a while. And now kami dah back in biz balik! Yeay! 

So, for now, we provide 2 mediums for you to browse all the stocks that we have. One is through blog -

And another one is Instagram. Well, you can search under 'thebajubab or simply by click this link :)

Most apparels are original stocks from boutique. We justt wanna clear all the bajuss so that we can put in new stocks (insyaallah :D ). So, feels feee to visit, follow us and shopping for you loved ones! 

And yeah! The price is super super cheap. Better grab fast. The sizes are very limited.

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